Enlisted the 12 zodiac sign.

Date: 16 January 2021
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha

This week you need to plan your work as their are so many things going on your mind and you wish to reach the sky.Your caring nature can create trouble for you as you tend to over react.People are kind to you and you are being watched by your angels around.Career success but need to use your resources wisely.Money gains is on the cards

Wear pink to attract abundance of love and success.


Your excel this week at home as well as work but you need to check your straight forward nature which will brings guilt and make you feel unhappy.Talk your a friend specifically an overage lady will guide you right.It's darkest before dawn.Stop questioning past choices.

Wear blue to make you pleasent at words.


Your getter spirit had made your work easy.Hold on your firey energy as you might end up things wrong.Abundance is pouring on your.If you have been looking for a relationship/engagement/marriage is about to shape up for you.

Wear orange to bring abundance.


The zeal to achieve alot.The fire in you need to be balanced.you love to win but when you get this any new challenge or project you do all paper work and check documents thoroughly.Don't put your phrophisies forward.

Prefer wearing blue and orange this week.


Great week for you.People around you are her eto celebrate your happiness and joy.You are heading towards trustworthy relationship and their is personal satisfaction you ever longed for. Positive thought process brings good things your way.Respect those prople who have helped you through the journey.

Wear purple and golden yellow to be perfect.


This week brings challenging situations.Seek for equality and give logical thinking rather than emotional. When dealing with legal matters check the documents thoroughly.Bring balance in life with right approach.Also don't forget to celebrate your happy moments with family and friends.

Purple and red colour brings awareness.


This week you will be more calm then usual days.Very clear in thoughts.Meditation will bring answers.Prefer to work in a team and celebration comes across.Happy announcement regarding relationship or children are on the cards.

Supporting colors this week are pink,blue,purple and green.


Though luck has been playing with you and these mood swings tend to happen due to that.Your thought process has brought that in you.Do what you love and team work will help reach goals.Students be ready for that scholarship or the pursuit of education.Time to get to work.

Hot pink color bring joy in your life


Your strong, committed and intellectual approach has brought so much abundance in your life.Flow of emotions is high this week.If things are in your favour then grab all opportunities coming your way.Choose logic over emotions.You excel at work with your proffesional approach.

Blue is the colour for you this week.


You need to relase that burden situations it may be a relationship goals or work targets.Reduce that pressure by taking personal decusions this week,be it be marriage or engagement.Its right time to announce it as you ready for it.Plan your expenses and enjoy the success at work.

Orange is the color this week.


The things that have been worring is about to end and all will fall in divine place for you in relationship and work as well.The power of love can transform any one and it is going to bring lots of happiness of you show more love to your loved ones.Makes choices from your heart and be more loving that dominating.

Peacock blue and purple color brings happiness.


Follow your intuition this week while taking any major decisions.Male energy is supportive.Plan your expenses as your extremist attitude make you spend more or save it right.Be open to changes as it's karma which effects our being.What you give will certainly comes back to you. Be spiritual.

Prefer wearing red,yellow or pink this week

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