Weekly Tarot prediction by Aruna(22January-28January)

Date: 22 January 2021
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha

Your child like energy is too high that you tend to speak without giving a second thought.This time is of personal growth, be artistic or career endeavours.You need to stay calm and have patience.Do not over trust your potential as you tend to over do things.You will stand out and surely if you plan things and believe in divine,the abundance will pour in definately. Team work will help.


Your are so energetic this week that what ever you plan get through.I quote is as "king".What you need to take care is not to get over confident and avoid dominating and don't impose opinion on others.If you do this then this week will bring outstanding results and lot of appreciation.Avoid overburden and celebrate your happiness thoroughly.


You have been enjoying your time.You feel so contend and happy with what all you have. You seem to be welcoming all.Watch on what people serve you with as they may act smart while dealing with you.If you become ignorant you might stuck with your finances.Spend wisely.

Take advice then make a move.


You have been occupied with unnecessary thoughts so relax and rejuvenate yourself and be open to what comes your way this week.Divine is offering you good things your way.Time to heal and spend time meditating.It will bring answers to your questions.Dont hold any guilts, regrets.


This week things won't be same as you have been planning as you think things are easy and all is working according to you.You still need to plan as the process is slow.Need to invest wisely.Have patience.Review your progress and make plans for your next endeavour.


The solution to your problem is to listen to your masters and they will advice you the best.You thought process is makes you think that you are about to achieve what you palnned.Accept the opportunities coming your way.Your easy attitude towards the situation will ease bring happiness.You need to bring clearity to your thoughts.Meditate to find your answers.


This week brings abundance and you look happy as your dreams are fulfilled.Your career is at growth.Self-control and determination is must.This is the time to celebrate but you will be hurt by your own people as they will not join in your celebration.Patience will bring acknowledgment of success by others.


Universe is bestowing blessings and love in life.You will enjoy materialistic world.Only you need to control not to spend furiously.People around you bring lot of happiness and prosperity.This week you are blessed with passion, opportunities and inspiration.Chance to do something amazing.


This week you will be focused on how to manage your self it may be emotions,finances,health.It needs to be planned.Since you not so action taking on this.Do not ignore and unleash your creativity your sense of planning.Be open to new ideas,new people in life so that you bring freshness and get charged up.listen to your heart.The power of love will do wonders.


Now the life has come to full.You are enjoying your success, relationships and happy within.But your thought process is still not stable and you juggle alot with what you want.Things are all set for you you just need to plan yourself.Check your resources.Refrain from your unnecessary needs a bit this week.Live your qualities.Show your funny side,be understanding, trustworthy and devoted to your people.


Wow you are bestowed with blesssings from Divine.So balanced and contend within.To maintain that peace within avoid getting into others matter and refrain from your advice giving nature else you will be back to the same frame of mind which you have come out lately.You have other things to do Give time to your family build trust, understanding and show your funny side to world as they enjoy seeing you like that.Plan yourself wisely.


Romance is on the cards this week.You will be deeply inclined towards your partner and have best of your time with each other.Stop clinging to your unnecessary baggage of thoughts and be little easy with yourself.This possessions will just make you upset.Enjoy what universe has blessed you with.Enjoy shopping,going out with your partner and express your emotions.You are ambitious.Plan your future and take charge of situation.You look more stable and efficient this week.

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