Self love is the road to be happy and healthy- Aruna Aura

Date: 08 March 2021
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
Sticking to any kind of diet plan and following it is what we all are doing now days.Each one fit one is what we looking for.Surfing Google, following all fitness gurus,paying heavily for diet plans ,Gyms, personal trainer.Going bonkers over this.Arny we overstressing ourselve?How about loving ourselves the way we are and plan out logically what we need to do to be fit and healthy.Self realisation is very important and understanding the meaning of staying fit is not having abs or 34-24-34 rather one should bring in a habit of following a disciplined routine.Learn to wake up early and spend time with yourself. Mediation bring calmness and clearity of thoughts in your mind.Stick to 30minutes workout routine,it could be brisk walk,yoga,cardio,zumba, but be regular with your regime.Since ages we have been studying what is balance diet but what happens Toni's as we grow up.We start ignoring what is healthy and stick to all all natural food. A cup of coffee or tea will not do wonders it will only make you addicted to it instaed look for smoothies,food punch.

Intake of 8 glass of water will keep you hydrated and remove toxins from your body.

Be thankful to you body as it works for you all day and do what you wnat it do from eating all junk to removing that excreta of non-sense eating.So to be healthy be honest to yourself and love yourself.

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