Weekly Tarot prediction by Aruuna (March 21-March28)

Date: 22 March 2021
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha

This fire sign seems to be sharp with their words and ready to attack with their harsh.So check your karmas.what we give certainly comes back to us.So beware of your acts,words and temperament.You cannot change the world it's better you bring change in you and create balance to win people's heart.This week also brings an air of satisfaction as things you had been waiting for are shaping up and will surely bring good news.listen to your intuition for accurate guidance.Its important to face your fears and grow stronger.You will get opportunity to improve your plans so take the advantage.

Red and purple color will help.Check your finances


This week you are surrounded by an energetic person who will be a great guide.Be it be an Aries,leo or sagitarius.They will be at bay to help you.So be open to this optimistic and loyal sign.You might feel packed with work and few things which were bothering you likely to get rid off soon.You will get acknowledged for your work.Be determined and self-control is the key to attract good things in your life.Keep a check you might tend to overlook things.So don't take chance with anything be it be your health, relationships or finaces.

Red,yellow and purple color will help.


It's time to give a fresh start to your plans you had been waiting for its execution.Abundance seems to be pouring.Open both the hands to take all good things coming your way.Its very important to be flexible and don't force your views on others.Learn to feel others pain which bring Harmony to your relationship.Avoid being overclever as peple knows your cunning attitude.So it's very important that you create good balnace.Enjoy life.Live and let live.


You will be great at expressing yourself.Clearity of thoughts and new plans originating which brings results to your projects.You are filled witj all bliss and happiness.Seems what you planned is coming through.This week will do wonders just make a wish and it will become reality.This is the joyful time of your life.Universe is watching you and guiding you all the way through.Enjoy every moment.

White and bottle green colour will help.


Start working on the things which you had been ignoring and have felt are of no importance as this week demands to your homework about what you had been planning.It seems all baseless.Work on the foundation of the things be it work, relationship,finaces.Come out of imaginary world and live in the relality.Their is something better waiting for you so it's important that you list out your priorities and then work on it.You know what is right for you.

Bottle green color will help


A caring and loving feminine energy will guide you right this week.This may be cancer, Scorpio,pisces who will be good to you.You need to do things with lot of understanding and clearity and people are all set to help you with their experience all through the week.You have the power to manifest and what you dream will certainly come alive.All you need is ask for it in prayers.Meditation brings answers.You have great start of things this week.


Learn to make choices.Too many things going in your mind. Sailing on two boats will only drown you.So be desicive so that the work you started weeks back come to it right way of completion.Time demands for bold and ambitious choices.You tend to make great progress.You will share good vibrations with people this week.

Orange colour will help.


What a blessing you have of your elders.This week male energy will be all set to guide you through your decision and this looks very intelligent and sorted person.You have possibilities of getting new opportunities which need a closer look and wise guidance.Procastinations at things are about to end.Their is change in direction of doing things which brings happiness.So change the way you thing and be more wiser.

Brick red color will help.


Wow what a week ahead.You have never felt that contend and happy before.All looks so good.So enjoy this moment of Abundance.Soend time with yourself, family,friends.If something is bothering you within then that's self created insecurities.Focus your thoughts on the outcome you desire.

Dark blue color will help.


Quite a balanced state of mind you have this week.Your mature handling will keep you happy and peaceful.People will like you for your calmness and clearity of thoughts.Yoh have a male friend to make you feel special.Dont hold your emotions so tight learn to let go.Most important is the wisdom and objectivity towards yourself and others.Stay in integrity.Their will be situations which call for honest and open communication.

Dark blue color will help


Its time to check your past karmas.Their had been self created perception.Its important to evaluate yourself then react.Its time to express your love to your loved ones.Avoid being lazy as this will only prolong things.Try not to over analysing a problem.It will all be better.Its time to atek a decision.Find a compromise.


The guilt of being dishonest to anyone can bring seperation and guilt in you.This week is of deception.So be ware of the people who touch those emotions which aggrevate you.But at the same time good things are also happening to you.This could be getting additional training to groom yourself and bounce back with a bang.

Hot pink color will help.

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