Tarot prediction from April 26-May1 by Aroona

Date: 26 April 2021
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha

A bang on time for arieans.Abundance is pouring,more of enlightenment ,joy , happiness.I see marriage on cards.Those seeking for tying a knot will see thjngs moving in their favour.Lot of blessings pouring over.You look much sensible than usual days.A feeling of contentment.Dont worry about anything as things are working out beautifully.

Remedy:Spend some time praying, meditating,massage,nap,listen to good music,take sea-salt bath.


This week you look quite entusiastic about your plans.All set to work them out.The passion to achieve success is way too high.With this their is lonliness you feeling how to workout things.This worry is unnecessary as one step of initiation will make things fall in place because important doors are opening for you tight now.Walk through them.

Remedy:Place white flowers around you.Offer a small boat to the sea water/lake/river.


Beautiful things coming your way.The wait is about to get over for the dreams to be fulfilled.Be receptive to changes as everything is working as per plans.The receiving power will increase your energy,intution and ability to give others.Good news for people who looking to start their family.

Remedy:Stick to yoga routine specifically Surya Namskar.Keep paying gratitude with this prayer "I am sorry,please forgive me, thankyou and I love you"


Love relationship is on tje cards.Its both way.High intensity emotions are flowing.Even right time to Start or execute your plans.Positive changes are occurring though the speed is slow but all is happening to fulfill your manifestation.Your intution has lot to guide you so listen to it and carve your path of love and follow spirituality

Remedy:Share your divine knowledge that can help others through your spiritual teaching.



This week you maintain a good balance in your life.All set to move ahead leaving the past behind.All your troubles which bothered you in past is no more a reason.You have moved on with feeling of contentment,peace and harmony.The love will grow deeper and bring bliss to your life.Be easy with everything as everything is happening in perfect timing.so don't push hard to make it happen.

Remedy:place red flowers around you specially red rose.look for part-time job.Be calm,don't rush for anything to happen.


The confidence is much higher than usual.you leadership qualities will show up.You show more of fatherhood protective behaviour towards your mates A relaiable mature person renders good advice. Business mind will dominant.Be logical and simple and take one step after the other.Chnages for good is taking place.So take this transformation poitive and learn the lessons important to lead a contend life.

Remedy:Be in Prayers and keep asking for help to keep you flexible to accept changes.


You seem to be sailing in two boats and expecting that rubbing of bottle will produce jin to do wonders.Come out of day dreaming and live the life.Be logical and accept things so that you are ta easy.Take decision and don't judge it on and off.its important taht you love yourself and others.Dont go by outer look as inner beauty If valued will bring unexpected growth.

Remedy: Acceptance to the changes happening. Be in prayers and ask God to give you clearity about issues going in your life.


The knowledge you gained in your past life stored is showing up.Your intelligence and presence of mind will do wonders specially if you value your intuition.All is happening the way you wanted ever.Spend sometime doing creative things to relase those negative emotions and get charged up to rule the world in your stride.

Remedy:Spend sometime near water,such as lake or ocean to recharge your batteries.Drink water.Wear olive green.


Luck showers on you magically.Lot of blesssings pouring as things are moving as per plans.Quite an emotional week.Trust is essential but blind faith reuines.So check all minor details before taking and decision.

Remedy:Spend some time with kids.Help them.Go out for walk and hug trees and see how magic begins in your life.


High end emotions flowing and good time to give time to your relationships as universe wants this to happen in your life. Show people that you love them.Right time to speak your heart.Express yourself. Their is past life baggage on you so be in prayers to heal yourself.Its better you ask people to be with you and help you to accomplish task.

Remedy:Get your self healed.Reiki healing will help release past karmas to easy your present life.Check what you speak and do(check your karmas)


The energy of intellectual mind.You are solution to people's problem.Take action and execute your plans.Expressive though moody.Divine energies are their to help you and bringing in transformation as old behaviour patterns is not serving any purpose. integrity will bring peace.Your powers are high which scares others.Dont get tangled in your own thought process of will harm you and now one else is effected.Your soul need purification to enjoy all your divine gifts.

Remedy: detoxification of soul with sea-salt water bath. Meditation will help.Avoid black stick to more vibrant colors like orange,yellow.


It time to stop all that you had been planning as it won't work for you so think of something other, plan it out and work on it.Your friends will be of great help.Seek advice and do things Independently as your freedom is foundation for your strength and sucess.

Remedy:prefer wearing red and white colours else red and white flowers will surve the purpose.Feed cats.Be social.

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