Do you also see repeated numbers?

Date: 01 April 2022
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
Each one of is born with blessings called guardian angles.They guide us when we take birth.It is believed the life we live is the deeds we did in our past life called "KARMAS".God keeps the track of each and every thing that we do and guardian angles are the reporters and recorders of our daily thoughts,deeds,work and behaviour.They watch us and always try to connect us.Every single being has it own angle and they send us signs in many ways.The signs could be a fragrance which only one can smell and others cannot.Butterflies flattering around always indicating their presence.Different colour feather's around.At times we also see unusual birds which have different meaning to decode.People also see repeated numbers like111,222,333,444,555,666,777,888,999.Every number has its own meaning and tells us what are we doing and how is it effecting our life's.People who are not connected to spiritual world find it difficult to understand what is happening.Connecting with them is difficult though because we normally we are not attune to spiritual world till a messenger of God comes and shows you the way.I as a Tarot card reader was confused when I started seeing these number years back but always failed to understand as I felt it was a coincidence.Turing into Tarot card reader and reiki Healer universe started showing the way to connect to the cylistical world.When the time comes to move from 3-dimentional to 5 -dimentional world a great shift happens.

So,next time you see this happening to you then understand it's a call for you to start a life differently and heal yourself to turn a new being.

Aruna(Tarot Reader)

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