Outdoor classrooms and healthy open places on campus

Date: 14 June 2022
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
Mandi Gobindgarh,Under the directions of Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education(Mgnrega)ministry of Education,Government of India,Gobindgarh Public College, Alour (Khanna) organised an activity of outdoor classes for creating awareness about environment protection and preservation for students.In this activity firstly, the shady area was found following with the arrangement of black board,desks and mat.Secondly,we gathered students and divided them into two groups.The students were taught about the importance of preserving environment and the threats to it.Dr.Neenaseth Pajni said that teachers as well as the students found many useful ways to protect the environment such as planting more and more trees,saving electricity by conducting outdoor classes and so on through classroom discussions.Principal Dr.Neena Seth Pajni appreciated the efforts of college Nodal officer MGNCRE Prof.Rajesh Kumar and convenor of this activity prof.Neeraj sharma.

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