Date: 13 December 2022
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
Punjabi jutti is a traditional footwear of Punjab.It’s one of the most beautiful handicraft from Punjab.“Jutti”comes from an Urdu word,which means a shoe with a closed upper attached to a sole.Juttis were first introduced by the Mughals.On that time jutti was known as Nagra,it was popular amongst the Kings and the Queens.Juttis were originally made out of self lured leather.The upper part of the jutti was embroidered with silver,golden and tinsel wires.The precious stones were used to ornamented these juttis,silk and velvet fabric was also used.During the Sultanate period in Delhi,zari or zardosi embroidery is the traditional embroidery and the most popular among the royals for decorating traditional footwear.In the early 16th century it was also known as Salim Shahis because being made popular by Salim Shah.As a time passed there are many changes to making the body of Punjabi juttis.Like,Denim canvas,plastic,rubber,hardboard and etc. replaced the leather.The gold,silver threads are replaced with silk threads.The fancy and artificial decorative material such as beads,mirrors, seashells and ghungroos also used on these jutti.Modern motifs like cartton characters,traditional embroidery,flying birds are the first choice for the girls.Now these days,jutti is comfortable and also in fashion.This single footwear can suitable with different outfits likes jeans,dhoti pants,suit salwar and palazos.Punjabi jutti comes with different styles namely(1) Salem Shahi Jutti,(2) Tilla Jutti,(3) Khussa Jutti,(4) Lucky Jutti,(5) Kasuri Jutti,(6) Jalsa Jutti.In the earlier times Punjabi juttis were worn by the royal peoples.At now all the peoples use these and these juttis are still famous footwear in the young generation.The Punjabi traditional look is incomplete without these juttis.In Punjab,Mukatsar is famous to manufacture two kinds of juttis namely-khusa and kasuri.At mukatsar more than 50 families are produced these juttis.Patiala is famous for different varieties of Punjabi jutti.Chandigarh is also known for as the best centers for these juttis.This beautiful handicraft highly demended not only in India but also in forign countries like Canada,UK,USA,Singapore and etc. thers is a one unique factor of this jutti,there is no left or right distinction........Dimple khokhar,Research scholar,RIMT University,Punjab.

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