Music Subject:-A boon or Bewilderment :-Antima Dhupar

Date: 27 April 2023
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
Music Subject: A boon or bewilderment Antima Dhupar

Music is the rhythmic eruption of melodious sounds,which has been considered in our scriptures as the nourishment of the soul. But it is the irony of our country's education system that when it comes to taking it up as a subject or making a career out of it, our parents frown.Perhaps behind this is our narrow mindset that has been going on for centuries, under which dance and music are always considered to be the work of only Bhand and Marasis.This is the reason why even today, music is not kept as a main subject in schools from nursery to 10th.It is just adopted as a hobby and later on after 10th,when it comes to the question of selection of this subject,very few students are willing to go ahead with this.The main reason for this has been the lack of proper knowledge about the possibilities of moving ahead in the career with this subject in people.Now it is most important to know in this matter that the study or knowledge of music is not only necessary for entertainment,but in today's run-of-the-mill and stressful environment,it is also beneficial for physical and mental health and the need of the hour is to acquire this information.This can be achieved only through the complete knowledge and higher education of this subject.Today it can also be made a means of livelihood.Music teachers, researchers, music directors, as recorders in studios, singers,dancers,instrumentalists, music therapists,D.J's,instrument dealers,etc.,there are so many options welcoming you with open arms.All efforts have to be made to clear the misconception that,music has no scope.Parents should motivate their children for its education and the education department should also take steps to make it a compulsory subject in schools.

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