Shiv Sena President Pawan Gupta takes stock of affected areas along wid her party leaders....

Date: 10 July 2023
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
Patiala, Today during floods at other side of river in patiala at urban state face to,gopal colony,baba deep singh nagar etc i went on a tour with Senior Leaders of Shiv Sena Hindustan to know situation and situation of flood victims at that time Mr.Rajendra Pal Anand Retired DSP Punjab Police Senior Vice President Punjab Mrs.Swaraj Ghuman Bhatia Pradhan North India Hindustan Women Army, Mrs.Kanta Bansal Deputy Chief North India Hindusthan Women Army,Mr.Ravindra Singla Vice President Punjab Mr.Rakesh Bansal District Vice President Patiala.Along with senior leaders of shiv sena hindustan i also visited Prem Palace Organized by district administration patiala for flood victims relief camp devigarh road during which came to know good arrangements by dc patiala specially by dc Patiala but flood victims There was no arrangement of milk for small children on getting information from them about this problem, from Shiv Sena Hindustan till flood victims camps will be there, milk service towards shiv sena hindustan and shri ram hanuman seva dal I announced to be from. Under which 1 quintal milk today on the first day Mr.Rajinder Pal Anand retired DSP Punjab Police Senior Vice President Punjab and his wife served this.Despite the heavy water in the flood victims relief camp at 5:00 pm,Shiv Sena Hindustan team went to the leadership of Shri Pawan Gupta ji to distribute milk among the small children of the flood victims.At the same time,the relief camps will be set up in Mahindra College,On behalf of Shiv Sena Hindustan,milk was served there too.Mrs.Kanta Bansal Vice President North India Shiv Sena Hindustan Mahila Sena distributed medicines to flood victims with the help of doctor.Every worker under the leadership of Shri Pawan Gupta National President to serve flood victims in this natural disaster of Shiv Sena Hindustan & Shri Ram Hanuman Sevadal Patiala is present in the service of the general public.

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