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Date: 25 June 2024
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
My name is Aroona.I am a Tarot card Reader,Spiritual healer and EFT coach and an Author I have written two books"Ghosting -Destiny"and"Create-Magic" JOURNAL.The later has become the Bestseller on Amazon.

My Journaling book is the result of my4 years scripting experience put together to get maximum results in a short span of time.These are the spiritual practices which are followed by all successful people because they have the urge to win and make their own place in the world.It is a necessary tool which everybody should use.My book is meant specially for people who find it hard to express and believe in themselves.It gives the courage to be unlimited and discover the real you .It covers all spheres of the life.From health, relationship,career,money to spirituality.People gets an opportunity to give Direction to there life by just following few scripting exercise in the book.It will forecast sebsequent changes and need to think beyond their limitations.This book helps to change your perspective about oneself just by scripting.It also includes all 12 months moon phase but letting go unwanted emotions and bring in new because till the time we don't let the past go the new beginnings will not occur.One can create Smart goals and make them achievable.

It also has the quarterly "Vision Board" to pen down your quarterly goals and accomplish them by tracing out shortcomings and how that shortcomings can be turned into strength.It gives you to rethink and rephrase your way of doing things is going in the right direction.I have added Daily To-do list prioritising your Big goals along with daily goals.

The popular 3-6-9 Manifestation technique has been used to manifest your goals and accomplish them just by scripting.Writing has immense power and authority to change things.It cannot only revolutionise your life but also give you the power to say and express which you ones felt hard to think even.

In all these years i have used all these techniques and achieved more than I thought.My scripting experience gave me power to change my Outlook towards my life and what I am today is because I started scripting and paying gratitude to the universe just by scripting.It's a user friendly hand book and easy to carry.Create-Magic journal awakens the Magician in your to bring that sunny side up.An easy tool to express and discover the new you.Looking forward to your kind support.

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