SPS Hospital Celebrated World Anasthesia Day

Date: 17 October 2021
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
On the occasion of World Anasthesia Day-Oct16,

Department of Anasthesia of SPS Hospital,Ludhiana celebrated World Anasthesia Day yesterday.Apart from the various activities held in the hospital, It also trained general people how to Re-start the Heart,how to handle unconcious person outside the hospital.Dr.Naresh Anand,Senior Consultant & President- ISA Punjab chapter told that it is very important for the Layman to learn these clinical simple skills.Dr.Anupam Srivastava,Co-ordinator,Dr.Yugam Aggarwal,Dr.Harneet, Dr.Varunpreet Kaur,S.Manjeet Singh,Balam singh Negi from department also contributed.Dr.G.L Awasthi- Medical Director SPS Hospital appreciated the efforts and encouraged the whole team.

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