Tarot prediction for numbers 1-9 for the month of March 2021-by Aruna

Date: 02 March 2021
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha

This month will bring lot of good things.You shall be enjoying every moment.Happy heart's.Be kind to people and forgiveness is the answer.You hold good strength to overcome your problems.


You have been looking for miracle to happen in your life as your dreams are high.So keep working and stay determined.Be prepared for any possibility.Spend time with nature.it will activate your energies to keep you going.


You had been working on few things and waiting for things to come to an end which were bothering you for a long time.You will overcome a difficult situation and your dream will come true.Belive in yourself.


Spend time with yourself,your thought process as you need to heal your karmas and bring balance in your life.Stop fighting with your thought process and enjoy the life it comes your way. Romatic life will blossom and bring joy to your life.


Definately its time to connect with your childhood friends,meet them and revitalise your energies as you need to bring freshness in your life.Be more giving and loving.follow your passion as you are ready to face any challenge and win over difficult situations.


Self created fear what you need to unleach.Those inner fears are just beacuse of the past.Give a freah start and you have all to win.Analyise situation and unleash your inner fears as they no longer serve you. you will be surrounded by helpful people .Be bold and make your choices.


This month you will get into more argumentative mode.Your words can hurt people badly.Its not impiy to win or proove your point.This might bring difference among your loved ones.its better you work on your plans.You have power to win just be at peace and respect others views as well.


Difference of opinion with people will put you in unhealthy arguments.Stop running your thoughts and calm down.You are just overthinking and trying to win and proving your point which is not needed.Be at peace.Meditation will bring answers.Powrful psychic insights.


Love is in the air.You are blessed with beautiful relationship,loving people around .Value them.Avoid going over the board when in love. Making love is not important.What matter is unconditional love.Its very important that you communicate your ideas and suggestions clearly.A wonderful idea is about to develop.Dont let any thing to hinder your progress.

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