Depressed?Fat Loss? spine issues?- Try BHUJANGASANA- Aruna Aura

Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
Mohali, Amrish Anand, The work pressure,meeting targets,managing relationships brings stress, depression, fat gain and spine issues.An easy and good Regime will help you to fight all.BHUJANGASANA is one pose which will ease out the stress and depression.It will also help you burn belly fat along with improve spine flexibility and heal lower back pain.This will increase the blood circulation.Once you have good blood circulation, your body’s cells will get enough nutrients and oxygen. Improved blood circulation will also help maintain hormonal balance.This asana can be practiced in bed even.Early morning strech is all good mantra to be you and happy you.<br>

Weekly Tarot prediction by Aruna(22January-28January)

Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
ARIES Your child like energy is too high that you tend to speak without giving a second thought.This time is of personal growth, be artistic or career endeavours.You need to stay calm and have patience.Do not over trust your potential as you tend to over do things.You will stand out and surely if you plan things and believe in divine,the abundance will pour in definately. Team work will help. TAURUS Your are so energetic this week that what ever you plan get through.I quote is as "king".What you need to take care is not to get over confident and avoid dominating and don't impose opinion on others.If you do this then this week will bring outstanding results and lot of appreciation.Avoid overburden and celebrate your happiness thoroughly. GEMINIE You have been enjoying your time.You feel so contend and happy with what all you have. You seem to be welcoming all.Watch on what people serve you with as they may act smart while dealing with you.If you become ignorant you might stuck with

Enlisted the 12 zodiac sign.

Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
ARIES This week you need to plan your work as their are so many things going on your mind and you wish to reach the sky.Your caring nature can create trouble for you as you tend to over react.People are kind to you and you are being watched by your angels around.Career success but need to use your resources wisely.Money gains is on the cards Wear pink to attract abundance of love and success. TAURUS Your excel this week at home as well as work but you need to check your straight forward nature which will brings guilt and make you feel unhappy.Talk your a friend specifically an overage lady will guide you right.It's darkest before dawn.Stop questioning past choices. Wear blue to make you pleasent at words. GEMINIE Your getter spirit had made your work easy.Hold on your firey energy as you might end up things wrong.Abundance is pouring on your.If you have been looking for a relationship/engagement/marriage is about to shape up for you. Wear orange to bring abundance. CANCER The zeal to

Lok Sabha passed the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill on Monday

The Lok Sabha on Monday, passed the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill amidst 311 votes in its favour and 80 votes against it out of 391 members who were present and voting. Now this bill will now be passage through Rajya Sabha where the Bharatiya Janata Party led National Democratic Alliance government is currently in minority and will be banking on support by like minded parties to push through the legislation. On Monday, the huge figure of 311 member have support this bill which flames the light to pass this bill in upper house too. People of the country are very excited about this bill because this bill is directly effect on everyone's personal life.<br>

Another Pixel 4 hands-on video offers a high-quality look in English

Gurjeet Singh, Ludhiana
There are a ton of hands-on videos of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL floating around YouTube right now which offer plenty of details about the new phones. Today, another video has been uploaded giving another high-quality look at the Pixel 4 XL in white and this time it’s in English too. Our pals over at Nextrift, the same outlet who’s helped us bring you exclusive looks at some of the Pixel 4’s new software features, posted a hands-on video with the device. In the video, the English-speaking presenter goes over a lot of the features and design choices we’ve seen in previous Pixel 4 leaks. He details that the back of the device on this “Clearly White” unit has a matte finish which he describes as “light.” He further explains that the 90Hz “Smooth Display” seems to be locked and isn’t adaptive except in apps that don’t support 90Hz. Soli isn’t working on this pre-release unit, but he does go through the Face Unlock process and explains that the unlock method is

Afghan presidential election: Heavy security as polls open

Gurjeet Singh, Ludhiana
People have voted in Afghanistan's presidential poll amid heavy security and bomb attacks from insurgents. More than 70,000 security forces were deployed across the country to counter Taliban militants who have vowed to target polling stations. The twice-delayed vote is taking place after Taliban-US peace talks collapsed earlier this month. The two main candidates are the incumbent, Ashraf Ghani, and chief executive, Abdullah Abdullah. They have shared power since 2014 in a unity government. The Afghan war: The short and long story Who are the Taliban? Polls closed at 17:00 (12:30 GMT). At least one person has been killed and 27 others wounded in bomb and mortar attacks on voting centres. But in the southern city of Kandahar, women were seen standing in queues to vote, despite a bomb attack on a polling station. Women voters make up 35% of the more than nine million Afghans registered to vote. The Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan expects to announce the results in three

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