CASTISM TO END ON 15 AUGUST 2019 Reclassify the Indian society into PRADHANAS AND DURJANAS New India Group President Virender Baudh International groups ........ Declared to end Castism on 15 th August 2019. 12:00:01 hours of the day means after 12 midnight on 14 th August 2019. They declare that on this preselected predecided time only the following classification of the Indian society will be used in day-to-day practice. The words will cease from use : Dalit, Harijan, lower Caste, Shudras Swarn, Upper Cast, Kshatriyas, Brahmanas, Vaishya. The scriptural meanings of this classification is detrimental to the society, state, culture, spirit and development of India. That is for urgent importance in the current circumstances when India has to compete with the whole world. Along with castism and fragmentism India is not going forward in this 21st century. Today whole world is opening up to the principles of equality and humanity, while India is indulged in the matters related with Beef

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