Survival of the Fitess with Yoga - Aruna Aura

Date: 14 May 2021
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha

Amrish Anand,

While the Corona pandemic is on the rise Experts agree that yoga is a simple and easy cure .It keeps your body healthy but also boosts your body's immunity. We can get maximum oxygen from it. Renowned yoga coach Aruna Aura "Yoga is very important, but it should be done in a way that relaxes our body, relaxes our mind and strengthens your heart," she said. To fight back is to take action and remove the fear of this deadly virus."lum" chanting will do wonders. Balance your root chakra located at the base of spine,ruled by red colour.She said Pranayama is the integral part of yoga.It can be done any time during the day depending upon your availability but early morning does wonders.Follow these steps to get maximum of the benefits.Deep breathing which includes inflation of stomach and lungs so that oxygen reaches every part of the body.Follow by grounding technique with "OM chanting",then bhastrika,ujjai breathing.People who do not resonate with ujjai can opt for kapalbhati followed by anulom velom. initiall for it for 5 counts and as your body gets used to it increas the number gradually.Make your life better and for to live with these beautiful yoga techniques. Life is beautiful relish it and live it with yoga.

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