' I AM ' a Soul- Gagna Sethi

Date: 08 March 2021
Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
' I AM ' a soul..and above all a woman,and i dedicate myself to my beliefs wholeheartedly knowing that LOVE...SHAKTI... STRENGTH... ONENESS...is the essence of my being.This is the inner strength a women cultivates through meditation.She becomes a purity of love,gives wholeheartedly to her family and becomes a Shakti when strength is needed and decisions are to be made in any field.' Bravo Women!' .A day is celebrated just for you!Sending Love and strength to all the beautiful women out there to strengthen the society.This is GAGNA SETHI...a medium...a meditator and enhancing lives of people through many services.I try to bring about change in every women to become a frontline warrior,to take our society to new heights with our values and determination and full of Love.

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