Thanks to the Administration for Extending the Hours of the shops by the All Trade Union Doraha

Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
New curfew orders would also be imposed in ''Doraha'' town under Ludhiana district, under which curfew would be imposed from 1 pm. Earlier, the orders were issued till 12 noon. In addition, all Restaurants, Cafes, coffee shops, Fast food, Dhaba, Bakery, Confectionery, Tea shops will not be allowed to sit and eat. While delivery can be done till 8 pm. These institutions will be closed after 8 p.m. These institutions violating the orders will be closed till the last date of curfew.These orders will come into effect from Monday. In view of these new orders, the traders approached the administration, the Hon'ble D.C. He thanked Ludhiana, SDM Payal, MLA Halka Payal, Doraha Municipal Council President and all the Councilors.

Punjab Government should help the needy - Sonica Badathwal

Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
Has been battling Corona for the past year. The situation in India is deteriorating day by day as governments fail to fight the Corona. The Punjab government could not make the necessary arrangements for the people. Even after one year, things are getting worse. Leading social worker Sonica Badathwal said that the situation in Punjab has worsened. No summary is being taken by the government and no adequate arrangements have been made for the health care of the people he said, adding that unemployment is on the rise. He demanded from the government that help was being provided to the needy.

*Magically magical*

Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
Magic of that night When there was dim light But trees around me were still alive The brightness of those fireflies On the road of thousand miles Was place far away from human lies And the glistening of that spirited star And the moon above so far Made my soul go beyond all bars I found myself entering into the world of divine Where presence of unicorn and Pegasus was just fine And that world gave me the feeling of mine By: UPASNA BARTHWAL

*The Phantom Girl*

Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
She belonged to the world of phantom And to understand her was not that random She was fond of hazy lights And roads in rainy nights She made people believe in magic And to go beyond things of logic She always looked so divine And perplexed this mankind She has those dazzling eyes And her thoughts so wise She was actually a hippie spirited soul And to make everyone happy was her role By: UPASNA BARTHWAL

Every human being should plant as many trees as possible for a cleaner Environment - Preeti Singh

Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
"Every human being should plant as many trees as possible for the cleanliness of the environment,"Said Madam Preeti Singh, a Prominent Social Activist and a Teacher in an exclusive interview with the press today. We are putting masks on our faces to prevent the spread of the disease so we should also understand that we should take care of our environment,We do not take care of the oxygenated trees and the time is not far away when many respiratory diseases can spread in our society, so we should think for a cleaner environment from now on. She also appealed to the people to make their children aware of the need for a good environment. She also appealed to the people to plant green fruit trees in their homes and parks to keep the environment clean.Madam Preeti Singh said that due to polluted environment today's man is in the grip of terrible diseases.We must not only plant trees but also take care of them like our own children. She said that we should be able to clean the badly

Survival of the Fitess with Yoga - Aruna Aura

Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
Doraha, Amrish Anand, While the Corona pandemic is on the rise Experts agree that yoga is a simple and easy cure .It keeps your body healthy but also boosts your body's immunity. We can get maximum oxygen from it. Renowned yoga coach Aruna Aura "Yoga is very important, but it should be done in a way that relaxes our body, relaxes our mind and strengthens your heart," she said. To fight back is to take action and remove the fear of this deadly virus."lum" chanting will do wonders. Balance your root chakra located at the base of spine,ruled by red colour.She said Pranayama is the integral part of yoga.It can be done any time during the day depending upon your availability but early morning does wonders.Follow these steps to get maximum of the benefits.Deep breathing which includes inflation of stomach and lungs so that oxygen reaches every part of the body.Follow by grounding technique with "OM chanting",then bhastrika,ujjai breathing.People who do not resonate with ujjai can opt for

Tarot prediction from April 26-May1 by Aroona

Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
ARIES A bang on time for arieans.Abundance is pouring,more of enlightenment ,joy , happiness.I see marriage on cards.Those seeking for tying a knot will see thjngs moving in their favour.Lot of blessings pouring over.You look much sensible than usual days.A feeling of contentment.Dont worry about anything as things are working out beautifully. Remedy:Spend some time praying, meditating,massage,nap,listen to good music,take sea-salt bath. TAURUS This week you look quite entusiastic about your plans.All set to work them out.The passion to achieve success is way too high.With this their is lonliness you feeling how to workout things.This worry is unnecessary as one step of initiation will make things fall in place because important doors are opening for you tight now.Walk through them. Remedy:Place white flowers around you.Offer a small boat to the sea water/lake/river. GEMINI Beautiful things coming your way.The wait is about to get over for the dreams to be fulfilled.Be receptive to

Weekly Tarot prediction by Aruuna (March 21-March28)

Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
ARIES This fire sign seems to be sharp with their words and ready to attack with their harsh.So check your karmas.what we give certainly comes back to us.So beware of your acts,words and temperament.You cannot change the world it's better you bring change in you and create balance to win people's heart.This week also brings an air of satisfaction as things you had been waiting for are shaping up and will surely bring good news.listen to your intuition for accurate guidance.Its important to face your fears and grow stronger.You will get opportunity to improve your plans so take the advantage. Red and purple color will help.Check your finances TAURUS This week you are surrounded by an energetic person who will be a great guide.Be it be an Aries,leo or sagitarius.They will be at bay to help you.So be open to this optimistic and loyal sign.You might feel packed with work and few things which were bothering you likely to get rid off soon.You will get acknowledged for your work.Be

Weekly Tarot by Aruuna(14th March -21st March)

Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
ARIES This week you look quite over booked with work and surely is about to get in place soon.You will be Busy organising your yourself to overvome the burden of responsibility you have on you.Your hardwork will be rewarded for sure.Release yourself from unwanted occupancies which is not serving you.Be happy and enjoy the rewards of organised planning which made you get through. Lucky color:Orange TAURUS This week you shall be focusing on your collaborations and team work will be rewarded.Show your creative side to bring more clearity to your work as well personal life.Do discuss your campaign with your team to get wonderful results.Show interest in others so that people also respond back the same.Be open to love and greet people.Accept the changes so that you get blessings in return.Plan your expenses.You might tend to spend more than needed. Lucky color:Hot Pink CANCER You are on the berch of new things coming your way.You journey has begun towards new phase of life so it's very

Self love is the road to be happy and healthy- Aruna Aura

Amrish Kumar Anand, Doraha
Sticking to any kind of diet plan and following it is what we all are doing now days.Each one fit one is what we looking for.Surfing Google, following all fitness gurus,paying heavily for diet plans ,Gyms, personal trainer.Going bonkers over this.Arny we overstressing ourselve?How about loving ourselves the way we are and plan out logically what we need to do to be fit and healthy.Self realisation is very important and understanding the meaning of staying fit is not having abs or 34-24-34 rather one should bring in a habit of following a disciplined routine.Learn to wake up early and spend time with yourself. Mediation bring calmness and clearity of thoughts in your mind.Stick to 30minutes workout routine,it could be brisk walk,yoga,cardio,zumba, but be regular with your regime.Since ages we have been studying what is balance diet but what happens Toni's as we grow up.We start ignoring what is healthy and stick to all all natural food. A cup of coffee or tea will not do wonders it

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